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Catherine Meyer Award Winners


2021 Byron Trout
2020 Walt Hughes
2019 Bradley Smith
2018 Kelly Henshaw
2017 Muriel Slenker
2016 Robert Frutiger
2015 Ann E. Heisler
2014 Paul Kuhn
2013 Wilhelmina Young
2012 Sandra Stauffer
2011 Ann Reichard
2010 Carroll "Skip" Missimer
2009 Betty Rhodes
2008 Thomas Shellenberger
2007 Henry Herrman
2006 Donald M. Warner
2005 Raymond E. Arnold
2004 Glenn L. Wise
2003 Sidney Tome
2002 Kenneth M. Roth
2001 James "Ed" Henshaw
2000 Shirley M. Keeports
1999 Gladys F. Slenker
1998 Clair E. Paules
1997 Dale S. Craley
1996 Phyllis Frey
1995 Sterling E. Smith
1994 Roy E. Grove
1993 James D. Neff
1992 H. Vernon Tyson
1991 Evans N. Fishel
1990 Ronald E. Fitzkee
1989 Noah L. Smith
1988 Phillip S. Golden
1987 Carl E. Seitz
1986 Richard C. Eline
1985 Dr. Woodrow S. Dellinger
1984 Reverend E.M. Clapper
1983 Earl Warner


Who was Catherine Meyer?


Catherine Meyer is known as the “Mother of Red Lion”.  Her deeds and influence played a major role in the beginning of the town’s development.

In 1853, John and Catherine Meyer moved to a 55-acre farm located just north of what is now the center of Red Lion.  The property included a two-story log house and outbuildings.  This was the property on which the Meyers lived.  The 1860 map shows “J.D. Meyers” at the same spot as Catherine built her home in 1866 after their first home burned.  It was razed in 1934 to make room for Red Lion’s post office at the corner of West High Street and North Main Street.

John and Catherine Meyer continued to purchase land in and around Red Lion.  John died in 1865.  Catherine lived until 1919 and became a well-respected business woman and developer of Red Lion.  She added another 35 acres to her land and then began to sell and donate it to her community.

In 1875, Mrs. Meyer built a combination general store, saloon, post office and railroad station located where the railroad station is today.  She also had erected Meyer Hall, which later became the Red Lion Hotel and Baublitz House.  This building is located at 77-83 North Main Street.

The Red Lion Cemetery and Fairmount Park are located on land previously owned by Mrs. Meyer.

She was deeply interested in the incorporation of Red Lion into a borough, and played a large part in this movement.  She was part of nearly every movement directed toward the betterment of her beloved town.


What is the Catherine Meyer Award?

The Catherine Meyer Award is given to one person each year at the Red Lion Borough Appreciation Night in November.
The recipient will have displayed the same interests of development and betterment of Red Lion as did Catherine Meyer, "The Mother of Red Lion".

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual's actions in the following categories:

  • Service to Red Lion, either politically or as a private citizen
  • Work for the betterment or development of Red Lion
  • Personal achievements that bring honor to the Borough

How are recipients chosen?


  1. Nominee shall be a citizen or had been a citizen of Red Lion Borough at the time of achievement.
  2. Nominee shall be living (posthumous not acceptable).
  3. Nominations shall include the person's achievements in writing, along with the nominee's name and address and name and address of person making the nomination in a sealed envelope.
  4. Prior recipients of the award shall not be eligible for nomination.
  5. Nominations will be given to the Chairman of the Committee and opened only by the Committee in a meeting held after the closing date of August 31.
  6. Nominations will be accepted beginning with the July Borough Council meeting.
  7. The award will be presented in November at the Borough's annual Appreciation Dinner.
  8. Nominations shall be sent to:

Catherine Meyer Award
Red Lion Borough Office
P.O. Box 190
Red Lion, PA  17356

The Committee is responsible for the investigation and selection of the indivudual to be presented the award. This shall be done with confidentiality, and the recipient's name will be presented by the Chairman of the Awards Committee to Borough Council at the October Council meeting.