11 East Broadway, P.O. Box 190
Red Lion, PA 17356

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

(717) 244-3475

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Frequently Asked Questions

Living in Red Lion Borough

I just moved into Red Lion Borough. What do I need to know?

Please visit our Red Lion Borough Other Forms & Publications page where you can download our New Resident Information packet.  In addition, please visit our Water & Sewer Billing Information page for water and sewer billing information.

How do I know if I live in Red Lion Borough?

Simply because you have a Red Lion mailing address does not necessarily mean you live in the Borough of Red Lion. The Red Lion Post Office handles mail for Red Lion Borough, parts of Windsor Township and York Township. Click here for a Google map of Red Lion Borough.  The Borough municipal lines are indicated by the red line.

Where is your office located?

We are located at 11 E. Broadway, Red Lion, PA 17356. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 190, Red Lion, PA 17356.  Click here for a map to see where we are located.

When is your office open?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 4:30 PM. We are closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day • Presidents' Day • Memorial Day • July 4th • Labor Day • Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday •  Christmas Eve • Christmas Day.

How long do I have to remove snow and ice from my sidewalk?

Please visit our Snow Removal Page

What should I do with all of my leaves in the fall?

Please visit our Public Works Department's Leaf Collection page for information.

What can I do with my grass clippings?

Please visit our How Should I Dispose of... page for information.

What can I do with my branch and limb trimmings?

Please visit our Public Works Department's Branch & Limb Collection page for information.

What should I do with my Christmas tree after the holiday season?

Please visit our Public Works Department's Christmas Tree Collection page for information.

What does it mean when the mayor declares a Snow Emergency?

Please visit the Public Works Department's Snow Emergency Information page for information.

Can I apply for a handicapped parking space?

Please visit our All Other Forms and Publications page where you can download our Handicapped Parking Policy and Application.

Someone in my household has special needs. What if there is an emergency and they need assistance evacuating the house?

Please visit our Emergency Management Coordinator's page which contains information about the York County ECRIN (Evaluating Community Residents in Need).

I am elderly and not able to do some household tasks such as rake my leaves and clear the snow and/or ice from my sidewalks.  How can I find someone to help me with this?

The Rent-A-Kid program, sponsored by the York County Area Agency on Aging (YCAAA), is a unique, intergenerational program bringing senior citizens and teenagers together.  York County senior citizens, 60 years of age or older, who need help with household chores, odd jobs, and yard work are matched with a teenager in their area who can assist.  The recommended payment is $5.00 per hour, but is negotiable depending upon the job.

Don't wait until the snow is already on the ground or your grass is knee-high!  Arrange for help with your chores BEFORE you need it.  Call 717-771-9103 or 1-800-632-9073 for information on Rent-A-Kid participants in your area.

Who is your Animal Control Officer?

We contract with Michellee Klugh Animal Control Services. Her phone number is 717-916-1413.

What should I do if I find a dead bird?

West Nile virus infects certain wild birds. The infected birds, especially crows, are known to get sick and die from the infection. Reporting of dead birds is a good way to check for West Nile virus activity in the environment and allow implementation of prevention and control measures to minimize the spread of the virus.  Click here for more information!

How can I register to vote?

Visit York County's Voter Registration page on their website.

Where do I vote?

There are three Voting Districts in Red Lion Borough.  Your district number and the location where you vote is indicated on your voter registration card.  You can also visit York County's Voting & Elections website where the polling places are listed.

I would like to help eliminate ugly litter and illegal dumping.  How can I help?

Click here to view information provided by the York County Solid Waste Authority about litter and illegal dumpsites.  Find out how you can conduct a community litter clean-up program!

Building and/or Zoning Permits

How do I apply for a building permit?

Dan Shaw is our Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer.  You can email him by visiting our Contact Us page.  Visit our Zoning and Building Permits Page for permit information.

Water & Sewer

What are the options for paying my water bill?

Visit the Payment Options section on our Water and Sewer Billing Information page for several payment options.

Why is my water bill higher than normal?

If you cannot think of any reason why you would have used more water than you normally do, it is possible that there is some type of leak in your home.  Please visit the Leak Detection section on the About our Water Meters page.

Yard/Garage Sales

If I want to have a yard or garage sale, must I get a permit?

A permit is required for garage and yard sales. The cost of the permit is $10.00 for two consecutive days.  Yard sales are not allowed to be held on Sundays.  You can have a maximum of 2 such sales per year. Permits are obtained at our office. A maximum of four advertising signs are permitted. Residents must use the signs which are provided by us. These signs may be posted no earlier than 5 days before the first day of the sale and must be removed within 48 hours after the end of the sale. The Borough holds a free Community Yard Sale every June. Check our Calendar for exact dates.

Can I hang signs in the Borough to advertise my yard/garage sale?

Sign permits are required to post a sign advertising your yard/garage sale. You must use our signs which are provided free of charge. There is no charge for this permit.

Reporting Problems

I just saw someone dump something into a storm drain. What should I do?

If you actually witness someone pouring something down a storm drain, you should call 911 immediately.  Please visit our Stormwater page for information on how important it is to keep our storm drains pollution-free.

How can I report a street light that is not working properly?

You can go to First Energy's Report Lighting Problem page where you will be able to report it online.  Streetlights reported will be inspected promptly and returned to normal operations as soon as possible.  Sometimes repairs may take longer, depending on the severity of damage and the amount of work that needs to be done.

You can also call their Customer Service Department, 1-800-545-7741.

I just saw someone littering and/or dumping something illegally in Red Lion Borough.  How can I report that?

Please click here to fill out a Complaint Form.  Take note that this form is for incidents occurring in Red Lion Borough ONLY!

There is a problem on a street that I would like to report (Ex:  pothole, drainage problem, overgrown trees, etc.).  How do I do that?
NOTE:  If this is a state road, you will have to call PennDOT at 717-848-6230 concerning any maintance issues such as potholes.

Please click here to fill out a Complaint Form.  Take note that this form is for reporting problems on Red Lion Borough streets ONLY!

Someone in my neighborhood is not recycling properly.  How can I report this?

Please click here to fill out a Complaint Form.  Take note that this form is for Red Lion Borough residents ONLY!

There is a property maintenance problem with a building in my neighborhood (Ex:  Broken windows, overgrown grass, excessive peeling of outside paint, possible structural defects).  How can I report that?
(Both the owner and/or the occupant are responsible for the removal of any grass, weeds and other vegetation exceeding 6 inches in height.   Violations may result in a fine of up to $ 1,000.  Vegetation growing in sidewalks and curbs also must be in compliance with this ordinance.)

Please click here to fill out a Complaint Form.   Take note that this form is for Red Lion Borough residents ONLY!

There are dangerous conditions in my apartment building (Ex:  blocked fire escape, inoperable or no smoke detectors, faulty electrical or plumbing systems, etc.).  How can I report that?

Please click here to fill out a Complaint Form. Take note that this form is for Red Lion Borough residents ONLY!.

Sign in the Square

Who is permitted to advertise on the sign in the square?

Non-profit organizations are eligible to use our sign at no cost.  Red Lion Borough and Red Lion Borough organizations have first priority use of the sign, in that order.  

How can I advertise my event on the sign in the square?

Visit the All Other Forms and Publications page where you can check to see if the sign is available and download and print our Community Bulletin Board Rules and an Application.

Garbage and Recycling

How can I get another recycling bin?

You can pick up an additional or replacement recycling bin at our office.  There is no charge.  We suggest that you mark your address on your recycling bin with paint or permanent marker to make it easy to identify if it gets misplaced.  You can also use your own container as long as it is clearly marked that it contains RECYCLABLES.

What should I do if I have a large item I need to get rid of?

Please visit our How Should I Dispose of... page for information.

When will my garbage and recycling be collected during a holiday week?

Call Penn Waste, 717-767-4456, or visit their website for holiday trash collection information.

What should I do with my old electronic items?

Visit our How Should I Dispose of... page for information on disposing of your old an unwanted electronic items.

What should I do with my household hazardous waste?

Periodically the York County Solid Waste Authority holds a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day. Visit their website for more information.

Opening a New Business

I am thinking about opening a new business in Red Lion Borough. What do I need to do?

Please visit our Planning, Zoning and Building Permits and Publications page to download "Opening a Business in Red Lion Borough".


Where can I park when I come to your office or when visiting Red Lion Borough?

We do not have a parking lot at our building, but there is metered parking along East and West Broadway and North and South Main Streets.  There is also a metered Municipal Parking Lot located at 33 W. Broadway where you must put money in the kiosk and then display the printed ticket in your vehicle.

When must I put money in the parking meters?

Coins must be deposited in parking meters as follows:

Mondays through Thursdays 9 AM - 6 PM
Fridays 9 AM - 9 PM
Saturdays 9 AM - 6 PM

Sundays are exempt, as are the following Federal Holidays:

New Year's Day • Martin Luther King Day • President's Day • Memorial Day • July 4th • Labor Day • Columbus Day
Veterans' Day • Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day

Landlord Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a landlord?

Please visit the Rental Registration & Inspection page for information.


When are your meetings held?

Our meetings are posted on our Calendar, but here are the general guidelines:

Borough Council Municipal Building 2nd Monday of each month 7 PM
Municipal Authority Municipal Building 4th Wednesday of each month 7 PM
Planning Commission Municipal Building 3rd Monday of each month 7 PM
Zoning Hearing Board Municipal Building 2nd Tuesday of each month, as needed 6 PM
Redevelopment Commission Community Building Last Monday of most months 6 PM
Recreation Commission Community Building Last Monday of most months 7 PM