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Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania

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Penn Waste

Penn Waste
collects residential
trash & recycling
in Red Lion Borough.

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How should I dispose of...

My old and unwanted electronic items

The York County Solid Waste Authority (YCSWA) collects Residential Electronics.  The program is free and open to York County residents ONLY and is conducted Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM and Saturdays from 8 AM to noon at YCSWA's Small Load Drop-off Facility. In 2017, the YCSWA  limited the number of TV's accepted to 5 TV'S PER VISIT. Contact the YCSWA, 717-845-1066, for more information!\.

The YCSWA's e-scrap management contract is with electronics recycling vendor ECOvanta and extends to December 31, 2017.

Act 108 bans both the disposal and collection of certain electronic "covered devices".  Electronics currently banned from hauler collection and disposal in PA waste disposal facilities include:  televisions, desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors and computer peripherals (anything that connects to a computer such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc.)  Material accepted in the program includes these electronic "covered devices" as well as other electronic recyclables including cell phones, vacuum cleaners, alarm clocks, irons and coffee makers or anything with a plug that does not contain Freon.  Examples of Freon-containing items include refrigerators, freezers, air conditions and dehumidifiers.

Act 108, the Covered Device Recycling Act, applies only to residential sources of electronic devices specified in the Act. As such, Original Equipment Manufacturers providing recycling capacity to electronics recycling vendors will not accept electronics from non-residential sources.  York County organizations, schools and businesses that wish to recycle electronic devices may contact electronics recycling vendors directly.  A list of recycling vendors is located on the YCSWA's website, www.ycswa.com

The YCSWA facilitates responsible solid waste management through an integrated system that emphasizes waste reduction, reuse, recycling and resource recovery.

Contact the YCSWA, 717-845-1066, directly for more information or visit Keep PA Beautiful's electronics recycling website.

Please be aware that by law, as of January 24, 2013, trash haulers are not permitted to collect your electronic waste.  

Large items such as a sofa, chair, mattress, etc.

You may dispose of one bulk item per week through curbside collection.


Examples of accepted bulk items: Appliances (washer, dryer), Carpet 48" max. length rolled and tied, Furniture, Mattresses, Box springs, Car tires off rims, Lawn mowers with oil and gasoline removed, Plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks)
  Appliances with FREON (ex: air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc.) will be collected by appointment only.  Call Penn Waste to arrange a collection.
Examples of non-accepted bulk items: Chemicals, Stains, Liquids, Batteries, Automobile parts, Hazardous waste, Tires on rims, Commercial/industrial waste, Construction material (drywall, brick, block, lumber, roofing shingles, tiles, concrete).  Visit the York County Solid Waste Authority's website for information on how to dispose of hazardous waste.
  Items which are too heavy to be lifted into a truck by two people will not be picked up.

Contact Penn Waste if you have any questions about the bulk item collection.

Grass Clippings

The preferred option is for residents to dispose of grass clippings by using a mulching mower, composting, or another environmentally acceptable means.  If you have no other options, grass clippings can be thrown in the trash.


Please visit our Public Works Department's Leaf Collection page.

Branches and Limbs

Please visit our Public Works Department's Branch & Limb Collection page.

My cut Christmas tree after the holidays

Please visit our Public Works Department's Christmas Tree Collection page.

Old telephone books

When new telephone books are distributed, please put your old telephone book in your recycling bin.

Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts & CFL's

Fluorescent lamps are considered hazardous because they contain mercury.  Click here for information on how to dispose of these items. 

Household Hazardous Waste

The York County Solid Waste Authority holds free periodic Household Hazardous Waste Collection Programs

Household hazardous waste includes any products from the home which are corrosive (drain cleaners or bleach), flammable (gasoline), reactive (chemistry kits) or toxic (pesticides). 
ACCEPTABLE ITEMS:  Thermometers containing mercury, Liquid mercury, Auto Products (transmission and brake fluids, Car Batteries, Antifreeze), Rechargeable Batteries--Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), and Small Sealed Lead (Pb), Driveway Sealant, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Gasoline and Kerosene, Herbicides, Pesticides and Insecticides, Household Cleaners (oven, drain, etc.), Photographic and Pool Chemicals. 

DO NOT BRING:  Latex or oil-based paint. (Paint can be placed in your regular garbage for pick-up. Seal the containers tightly to prevent spillage. The Resource Recovery Center uses an air pollution control system to ensure safe processing.) Also, no Aerosol Cans, Alkaline Batteries (AA's, AAA's, C's, D's, etc.), Explosives, Ammunition, Propane Tanks, Radioactive Waste or Used Motor Oil.

The program benefits York County by identifying hazardous wastes found in the home and providing an opportunity to manage these materials in a safe and efficient manner.

All York County homeowners or residential tenants are eligible to bring their household hazardous waste to the collection site.  Due to state regulatory requirements, commercial entities are not eligible to participate.  There is no fee to participate in this program.  The Authority provides this service to York County residents as part of their integrated waste management system and a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  After collection, a licensed hazardous waste commercial hauler, hired by the Authority, will transport the material to permitted hazardous waste disposal sites where the materials will be recycled, neutralized, incinerated or landfilled.

Batteries and cell phones

Industry changes have significantly reduced the presence of heavy metals in alkaline batteries and as a result, alkaline batteries can now be SAFELY DISPOSED OF IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE.  Alkaline batteries include AAA’s, AA’s, C’s, D’s, 9-volts, etc.  Some RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES still contain potentially hazardous materials and SHOULD BE RECYCLED.  Visit the York County Solid Waste Authority's website for information on what to do with them and also what to do with your old cell phones.  Their website contains a lot of useful information!

Another option for disposing of your used cell phone is to search the internet for organizations that accept cell phones.  Many charities have partnered with cell phone refurbishers and recyclers as a way of generating funds.  You can also visit various cell phone carriers' websites for incentives on recycling your old cell phones.