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Penn Waste

Penn Waste 
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in Red Lion Borough.

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General Information

In need a new recycling bin? Please stop at the Borough Office on the 2nd floor to recieve one!
For a new trash can, please contact Penn Waste at 717-767-4456.
Penn Waste collects the garbage and recycling in Red Lion Borough.
There are two (2) services available. The first is “Full-Service” which is a weekly collection and includes up to six (6) bags of trash, unlimited recycling, and one (1) large (bulky) trash item. The second option is the “Pay Per Bag,” which includes 26 bags for the year and unlimited curbside recycling. Large (bulky) trash items can be collected under this program, but requires the use of one (1) trash bag (attached to the item).
For billing questions, to sign up for new service, or to change you current level of service, call Penn Waste at 717-767-4456.

Rates are as follows (some fees not included):
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $297.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $208.00/year ($8.00/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $309.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $218/year ($8.40/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $321.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $228.80/year ($8.80/bag)

“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $334.20/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $240.00/year ($9.25/bag)

“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $347.40/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $252.20/year ($9.70/bag)

Recycling is Mandatory in Red Lion Borough!