11 East Broadway, P.O. Box 190
Red Lion, PA 17356

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

(717) 244-3475

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Red Lion Borough
Public Works Facility
5 Vulcan Road
Red Lion, PA  17356


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Public Works Supervisor

Brett Patterson


Street Sweeping - Help Us Help You!


If your vehicle is not moved, you will be ticketed $100.

 Click here to view our planned Street Sweeping Routes.
We will follow this route as closely as possible.

In order for us to clean up the remnants of winter that are left in our streets, we need your help:

  • We do NOT operate the street sweeper on Mondays in order to allow time for posting of the streets.
  •  "No Parking" signs are posted when we plan to sweep your street.  
  • We post these "No Parking" signs allowing you enough time to move your vehicle before we begin.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the street when the "No Parking" signs are posted.
  • If you have stones and cinders on your sidewalks, you can sweep it into the street before we pass through your area.
  • You can move your vehicle back on the street AFTER we remove our signs.
  • If your vehicle is not moved, you will be ticketed $100.

Street Sweeping Routes
We sweep the streets and alleys before the Red Lion Municipal Authority begins their annual water line flushing in order to prevent all of the debris from entering our storm water system.
Please keep in mind that trees must be kept trimmed to a height of 14' above and along the edge of the roadway and 9' above sidewalks.  Keeping your trees trimmed will prevent damage to borough equipment and allow
us to do a better job when street sweeping.

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your efforts to help keep Red Lion Borough a great place to live, work and play.